Diabetes has A New Superhero

Max was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was just 18 months old, a life changing event that we will never forget. To start with we really struggled to control his blood sugars giving us many sleepless nights, when Max was 3 we decided the best option for us was to put Max onto an insulin pump, this was a game changer in the way we manage his Diabetes. Just Before Christmas 2019 Max came home from school and told us that he wanted to write a story, a story about a young boy who is given super powers from his insulin pump. Max made the link to his pump being the same as Ironman and the way he gets his powers from his chest. After a few attempts and a few rewrites we have come up with The Adventures Of Captain Lantus a character that we hope will empower all children with diabetes and without to feel like a superhero!!! We hope you enjoy