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My name is Max Rapson

Welcome to the extraordinary world of The Adventures of Captain Lantus – a heartwarming children's book that holds the power to inspire and uplift young minds facing type 1 diabetes. Meet Max, the brave young superhero, whose journey takes flight with the aid of his trusty insulin pump from Medtronic. As he embarks on a mission to raise awareness, he discovers the true meaning of resilience and the strength of unity. Join Max as he participates in the One Walk JDRF event, spreading hope and support in the diabetes community. Through his captivating tale, Max ignites the imagination of readers, proving that with courage and compassion, we can all become heroes in our own right. Get ready to be inspired as Max's story empowers children with type 1 diabetes to embrace their inner superheroes and face life's challenges with unwavering determination.

Our book features a Superhero who gets his powers from his insulin pump.

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